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Behind FlicSounds...

Flicsounds is produced by me, Flic. I'm an Audio Producer and a Musician. My main instrument is the fiddle but I enjoy playing various other instruments and I'm currently fulfilling a dream of learning to play the harp. Here's a bit about me and my background:


Felicity and the Fiddle

A love of the violin was bound to evolve growing up in a house which enjoyed listening to Classic FM and there's only so many times a budding violinist can hear Flight of the Bumble Bee before needing to attempt it themselves.

I started playing the violin aged six and continued to take lessons throughout school, including the piano and flute. South Downs College in Portsmouth gave me the opportunity to be taught by the prestigious Musician and Writer, Devorina Gamalova.


The instruction of Gamalova gave me a new passion for the violin and I was really excited to be accepted to study at the London College of Music. However, due to financial circumstances, I ended up attending Lancaster University where I learned how much I still had to learn about Music, Art and Writing.

A love for Music & Media

University brought some huge disappointments. Anxiety and depression introduced themselves and for several years, the violin took a back seat. Having finished my degree, I worked in a chemist and ended up hosting my own radio show, 'Flic in the Box' for local community radio station, Diversity FM. 

Following this new love for radio, a masters in Radio Production sparked a new interest and love for story-telling and composition. After several attempts to get into the world of Media didn't work out, I decided to pick up the violin and enjoy it.

"I feel really blessed to have been taught by Devorina Gamalova and had access to so much music in my life. I'm so thankful to be able to play the violin. I really want to encourage everyone to 'have a go' at music. You're never too old to learn and it can bring so much joy and be life changing in a good way, for yourself and other people too."



I work at Britain's Folk Music specialists, 'Hobgoblin Music' which has made me realise I should have been learning to play folk fiddle from the start! Working for Hobgoblin Music has helped me to fulfil a dream of learning the harp and I am very blessed to work there.

I am part of the Bristol Reggae Orchestra, a community based ensemble from the heart of Bristol. The orchestra is a highlight of the week and I especially love meeting with people from different cultures and backgrounds.



In 2022 I joined the Weston Light Orchestra.


Grade 8  Violin, ABRSM

Grade 8  Voice, ABRSM

Grade 6  Piano, ABRSM

Grade 3  Flute

Grade 4  Non Pedal Harp ABRSM

Grade 5 Music Theory, ABRSM

Grade 6 Music Theory, ABRSM

BA Creative Arts, Lancaster University (2009)

(Joint honours in Music and Creative Writing)

MA Distinction in Radio Production Bournemouth University (2012)


''The Lake of Frozen Dreams', in Cupid's Embrace, a collection of Romantic Stories, New Fiction, Peterborough, 2006

'A World of Weather', poem, in Expressions from Southern England, Anchor Books, Peterborough, 2005.


In 2016 I met my best friend, Adam and in 2018 we got married, Adam is an artist on the side and you can see his work at 

I'm a follower of Jesus and am part of a church family in my home town. 

I love animals big time, we have a lovely pet cat who has given us a lot of love and laughs.

If I'm allowed to, I consider it an achievement to be continuing to pursue music whilst having anxiety and bouts of depression. There was a time when I didn't want to even be here anymore, but I'm glad I didn't go anywhere:

"The time I had at university was very dark and I couldn't see a way out, looking back, I'm so glad I didn't give up on life and urge anyone having a tough time to seek help and know that it really can get better."

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