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Here is some of my audio work, from music to stories and drama. 

Community Radio

**I am currently taking a little break from presenting, but can still be heard at live events on wave community radio.**

You can hear me on local station where I bring you a mix of folk and world music for my community show, Folk with Flic, every Wednesday, 7pm at, or you can ask Alexa, 'play Wave Community Radio'.  


Aired on BBC Upload

Lockdown 2020 A Bird's Eye View


This was written in 2020, during the first lockdown. The real one! I was working as a key worker for our Music shop, where I helped our Mail Order team. On my commute I started to notice what I could hear. I also noticed the places where we can't normally hear much because of traffic or volume of people. I decided to record it and the poem was born. The poem is intended to be listened to with headphones, maybe in a dark room, however if you would like to see a visual version, you can see it on my YouTube channel, FlicSounds.  


Huge thanks to: Leanne Hart, Narrator; Tim Hearn, Pigeon; Andrew Blackborrow, Seagull. 

Christmas Album

   Out of Bethlehem
 Produced December 24th, 2017.

This was my debut album and dedicated entirely to my fiancé, now husband, Adam Wilson. The album features Johnny Tyers on trumpet and all tracks are arranged and recorded by myself using a 'Tascam' Voice recorder.

For the 'Big Screen'...

Ode was written as part of a short film about the character, 'Captain Marryat', written and directed by Alan Fox. You can hear Ode in the short film below at 8.29. 

'Moon Boy' was a short animation and the soundtrack was written as part of the opening sequence.

Musical Makings

I love birds and I try to share this in 'Birdsong'  where I mixed natural and man made sounds to portray the music of our surroundings.

'Song of the Sea' was written as part of my Masters in Radio Production. Inspired by Hildegard Westerkamp, I wrote 'Song of the Sea' to combine all the elements of sea with both music and sound to create a picture for the mind.


'If Money grew on Trees was written while on a BBC course called 'Face2Face'. We were given the opportunity to write a short piece on money. I like radio dramas and came up with this piece. This was intended to be the start of a short series on 3 minute stories. More to follow soon hopefully!

'A Morning with Isaac the Mouse' was my first audio story. The concept of music and story telling began at Lancaster University when a friend and I entertained peers using our violins and other objects to tell silly stories.

A slightly more serious story, 'Damage Done' explores how life can change in an instant for better or worse.

Please note, some listeners may find some content upsetting.

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